Arbutus Tree, Savary Island

22" x 15" gouache on paper 2010 $850

I came across this tree while exploring Savary Island on the wild BC coast with Adrienne, Meg and Joy. It was a bright warm amazing June day. I’d never seen an arbutus before. I had to crawl up on her pink/orange trunk and admire the way she was all twirling, twisting and turning while clinging to the craggy coast. I’ve read that arbutus is very important to Aboriginal people. The Saanich used arbutus bark and leaves for medicinal purposes. Straits Salish legend has it that the arbutus provided an anchor against the great flood. Another legend informs us that if the arbutus were to disappear, the Earth would fly apart. I’m not the first artist to love this tree. Emily Carr painted the arbutus. I’m in good company!